Alpha Release

This is the second release and there are a lot of changes. First of all there are a lot of visual improvements, but there is also a networked multiplayer mode now. However, this is somewhat WIP. Right now you have to input the other players IP address. Another addition are card packs you have to buy with earned gold. Some missing features were added, some are still missing.

Here's a list of changes (not complete):

  • A better tutorial.
  • Basic networked multiplayer mode.
  • A couple of new cards, graphics and animations.
  • A proper gui theme.
  • You now have to buy cards with gold gained from playing matches.
  • More visual hints.
  • Some bug fixes.


caliditas_alpha_linux.tar.gz 68 MB
Jul 03, 2018 70 MB
Jul 03, 2018 55 MB
Jul 03, 2018 55 MB
Jul 03, 2018

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