Planetary Sanitations Inc. v0.3.0 alpha

Planetary Sanitations Inc. v0.3.0 alpha was released.
It adds some new content and changed visuals. There is a basic tutorial now that should be expanded in future releases.

Also there is a Discord channel now available for discussions:

Key Changes

- Add a basic tutorial
- Usable components
- Ability to leave a planet without finishing the mission (adds a temporary penalty that lowers gained gold and shop prices)
- Added a title screen (there was none before)

Content / Gameplay
- New mech types
- A new class
- New skills
- New components
- A new mission

- Change the way the screen is transformed to a mapping onto a sphere by using shaders (faster).
- Add title screen
- Add item descriptions
- Add a welcome message for new characters

- Increase enemy movement speed slightly.
- Reduce the Beam Cannon's accuracy to -1 and range to 3.


ps_inc_linux.tar.gz 110 MB
Jan 09, 2020 98 MB
Jan 09, 2020 95 MB
Jan 09, 2020 96 MB
Jan 09, 2020

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