Planetary Sanitations Inc. v0.2.2 alpha

Planetary Sanitations Inc. v0.2.2 alpha was released.
The game now uses the GLES2 renderer. That should increase the performance.
Some new content was added as well.

Key Changes
Use GLES2 renderer.

Content / Gameplay
- Two new planet types: swamp and toxic
- Two new enemy types
- Several new components
- Heavy weapon mods.
- A new bounty mission.
- Most monsters have a 10% chance to spawn as elite with additional random components.
- Made default monsters a bit stronger.
- Slightly increased metal alloy price.
- Reduced missile damage and increased missile cool down time.

- Show the status effects that weapons apply in their tooltip.

- Reduced enemy level scaling
- Increased enemy exp. Elites give the double amount of exp.
- Increased enemy mass limit.

- When moving, last cursor position remains no longer highlighted.
- Update tile outlines when changing a map.
- Fixed a bug that prevented to inspect enemies after changing the map.


ps_inc_linux.tar.gz 111 MB
May 25, 2019 96 MB
May 25, 2019 96 MB
May 25, 2019 98 MB
May 25, 2019
ps_inc.apk 98 MB
May 25, 2019

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