Planetary Sanitations Inc. v0.1 alpha released

My newest game Planetary Sanitations Inc. was just released. This version is playable and the most important features are implemented.

Planetary Sanitations Inc. is a roguelike mech dungeon-crawler (although there are planets, not dungeons ;) ). You can assemble a mech consisting of various modules that can also be destroyed individually in combat. Modules can be arms, legs, weapons, armour platings or mods that change their parent module's stats. They have a certain number of certain slot types where other modules can be attached to. Keep in mind that once a module is destroyed it's child modules are destroyed as well! Use armour platings to increase a module's resilience (if it has external slots).

Combat takes place on a hex grid and is turn based. Select a skill and a valid target in order to attack.

The HUD features a hex grid of icons displaying the structural integrity of the single modules while the total structure is displayed by a health bar (keep in mind that you're dead once your chassis is destroyed).

There are melee weapons and ranged weapons available and there is a stealth mechanic. Stealth (purple bar) reduces the minimum sight range (up to 0 which means you can't be seen). Stealth is reduced by a couple of actions, most importantly attacking reduces stealth (missiles and explosive weapons are worst, melee weapons have a small impact on stealth). Your stealth can also be negative which means your easier to spot, eventually all across the whole planet! However, the stealth meter decays back to it's original value over time.

In order to proceed to the next planet you have to carry out a certain mission. However, right now there are only to very simple missions. More elaborated missions are planed to be added soon.

HF being eaten up by space monsters!


ps_inc.apk 98 MB
Oct 28, 2018
ps_inc_linux.tar.gz 108 MB
Oct 28, 2018 109 MB
Oct 28, 2018 94 MB
Oct 28, 2018 94 MB
Oct 28, 2018

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So just got this game, and i think its time for some feedback.

I really love how all of the graphics and audio work together. The textures are great and the animations fit right in.  The audio is also perfect.

The movement takes some getting used to, but that's ok.

The only issue that I have with this game is I don't really know what I'm supposed to be doing.

Also, the UI does the job, but not elegantly, it needs some work.

Thanks for your feedback!

I don't really know what the player is supposed to do myself. There should be some kind of long term goal.
Alongside that you work as mercenary carrying out missions you receive, like decontaminating planets.

I struggle with UIs. I planned to redesign it anyway, but I thought as the game is already playable I release it right now.